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Step 1. Excavation, activity BA2020, has experienced a temporary work stoppage as evident by the bar- necking on the Gantt Chart.

Step 2. Document the delay with a Notebook Topic in activity details.

Step 3. To add the Curtain, select the View menu

Step 3A. Highlight Attachments

Step 3B. Select Curtain

Step 3C. Add Curtain

Step 4. Check the box to display the curtain attachment

4A. Select the pertinent date ranges that you want to highlight

4B. Pick the color & pattern of the curtain

Step 5. View the highlighted date range with the curtain

Step 5A. In the image below, we can see that the delay in Excavation has resulted in delays to successors on the Critical Path.

Step 6. To add text to the Gantt Chart to provide further explanation, highlight the activity (Excavation) for which you want to add the text

Step 6A. Select the View menu

Step 6B. Highlight Attachments

Step 6C. Choose Text

Step 7. Add desired text & use the text formatting tools if needed

Step 8. The image below illustrates the text tool providing an explanation (snowstorm) for the delay in Excavation.

Step 9. The curtain can be removed by selecting the View menu

Step 9A. Highlight Curtain

Step 9B. Choose Hide All