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Step 1: Go to “Tools” and select Timescaled Logic Diagram.

Step 2: Select the desired TSLD template from available Global or User templates.


Step 2a: You also have the availability to add, delete, duplicate, edit, import & export templates from this dialog box.

Step 3: The TSLD will then be “drawn” and the TSLD workspace will open allowing you to customize the TSLD.

Step 4: Select Edit Template to customize the appearance of the TSLD and open the Timescaled Logic Diagram Options dialog box.


Step 4a: The “Timescale” tab (see below)will enable you to identify the start and finish date for the TSLD as well as other options.

Step 5: The Bar Format tab allows you to customize the appearance of the bars and to color code Activity Code Values.

Step 6: The Bar Content tab enables you to identify the contents of each bar as well as other bar characteristics.

Step 7: Utilize the Lines Tab to format the relationship & data date lines.

Step 8: Specify desired Group and Sort options on the Group and Sort Tab.

Step 9: You can use the Filters tab to narrow down the activities displayed.

Step 10: Use the Page Setup Tab to specify page properties.

Step 11: Access the File menu to Save, Import, Export a template, Save the TSLD as an image, or Print the TSLD.