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 Learn Primavera Software using the UPK


P6 Features You Need to Know About

Did you know that P6 R8 has built in features that help you use the software more effectively? The tool is called the Universal Productivity Kit (UPK) and we are going to show you an example of how to use it to create a work breakdown structure (WBS).


What is the Universal Productivity Kit?

The Universal Productivity’s pre built application content is a key enhancement to P6 Release 8. What is the UPK you ask? The UPK pre-built content are materials created by the Primavera development team that documents best practices for using P6 R8.2. The UPK pre built content delivers value to the user by mirroring the Primavera development methodology and eliminating the need to build and maintain multiple application protocols to train users to utilize the software. This feature gives project team members a baseline from which to develop and customize a training protocol based on the needs of the organization.


How do I access the UPK?

The UPK pre built content has been embedded in the application to make it as user friendly as possible. To access the UPK, move your cursor to the help button and launch the UPK. The application will then open an internal browser and bring you to the pre built content that is specific to the page you were on in the Primavera software application. Oracle designed the UPK this way to help users navigate the help topics in a more effective manner. The UPK is set up to allow users to interact with it in five different modes: see it, try it, know it, do it, and print it.

What is a Work Breakdown Structure?

A work breakdown structure is a hierarchical arrangement of the products and services associated with a project. Each level of the work breakdown structure represents an element or task that needs to be accomplished for the project to be completed. The element contains the tasks and activities needed to produce the deliverable. For instance, a building’s work breakdown structure would have its levels broken down by subcategories of work such as design and engineeringplumbing, and exterior/interior finish. The work elements are also given a description from which the scope of work can be created. These descriptions provide workers with an end goal or objective that is required to complete the project.

The work breakdown structure in the Primavera software application enables you to organize a project into logical phases for the purpose of planning and control. Each project is the root node of the work breakdown structure and has a parent/child relationship with the WBS element that is beneath it.  The work break down structure provides a framework for the development of a project. It is developed by starting at the end product and working backwards to the beginning or until the root of the project is reached. The different ways each element can be categorized includes:systemssubsystemscomponentstaskssubtasks, and work packages.

How to use the UPK to create a Work Breakdown Structure

In P6 R8.2, you can take advantage of the UPK to help you set up the work breakdown structure and other key project elements. The universal productivity kit has pre built content that is specifically designed to help guide you through the process of creating a work breakdown structure. For the visual learners, we have step by step instructions below on setting up WBS using the User Productivity Kit. Click on the link to view the instructions.

UPK Instructions


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