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Asta Powerproject Site Progress Mobile App

Following customer guidance and recommendations, the second generation of the intuitive Site Progress Mobile system has an improved user experience as well as streamlined progress reporting options.

Record project progress quickly and easily on your mobile device with Asta Powerproject Site Progress Mobile, a free, downloadable app. Update progress at any time, from anywhere in the world. Manage your project’s cost control progress and stay updated every step of the way with Site Progress Mobile.

Powerproject Site Progress Mobile App

Simple steps of progress reporting with Site Progress Mobile

The benefits of Asta Powerproject Site Progress Mobile include:
  • Record progress quickly and easily from mobile devices
  • Update progress at any time, from any location
  • Record progress values when submitting updates without a signal
  • Improve data accuracy by removing the need for re-entry of progress updates from paper notes or emails
  • Record actual dates for events, not just the percentage complete
  • Take photographs and notes which can be associated with particular tasks or build stages

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Progress by Quantity – Tasks can also be progressed by quantity and not just a percentage. >>Watch Video


Edit and annotate – You can annotate/edit the photos with shapes and text. >>Watch Video


Add new tasks – Users can now add new tasks (if allowed) where new activities are needed. >>Watch Video


Import back into Asta Powerproject – When importing back into Asta Powerproject the information can be reviewed and edited before being accepted. >>Watch Video