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Asta Powerproject

Transform Your Projects

New Asta Powerproject Features

Better Control Over Plan Appearance

Improved Confidence in Scheduling

Flexible and Clear Progress Reporting

The benefits of Asta Powerproject include:

  • User-friendly functionality
  • Fully scalable, suiting projects and portfolios of all sizes
  • Ability to apply filters to manage subcontractors easily
  • Access from your mobile device for updating progress remotely
  • Sync collaboratively with multiple users in real-time
  • Link project plans to 3D models with for 4D planning
  • Cost-effective licensing options
  • Easy integration with other software
  • Construction-specific training courses and expert support

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Click a video below to learn more about the Asta Powerproject features.

User Interface Refresh

The toolbar has been redesigned with simple and modern icons making navigation easier than ever.

Improved Schedule Quality

Built-in quality checks to ensure your project is well planned and in compliance.

BIM Build Direction

You can now have more realistic presentations thanks to the new Simulation Profile. This allows you to define the direction by which a 3D element is revealed during a time-simulation.

Milestone Shape Library

You can now change the shape of milestones within your projects allowing you to customize to meet your needs.


Before this release, baselines of local projects were saved as separate files. Now any new baselines that you create are embedded automatically into the corresponding project file.

Progress Appearance

Watch how you can now display progress lines and shading in the date zone, which can help to make the report date of each progress period more obvious. This video also shows you more progress display options that are now available for the Bar Chart.

Print Code Library Legend on Every Page

See how you can now choose where to print legends for more effective presentation.

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