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Managing your Resources and Staff with P6

With the economy the way it is at the moment, many of us find ourselves taking advantage of the opportunities to be Mr. or Mrs. Fix-it in order to cut costs. As I found out this past week, choosing the right tool is important. A “common” household problem that should have taken a half hour, ended two hours later with more of a problem and ultimately more frustration. P6 is an all-in-one project management tool enabling you to manage your resources to meet project deadlines! Saving you time, money, and stress without sacrificing what is vital- your project SUCCESS.

Communicate resource requirements to resource managers in an efficient and orderly manner. Give resource managers the tools needed to locate and deploy people with the right skills from both internal and external sources to meet the business need and to communicate with them during the entire process.

The default method for distributing resource assignments in P6 is via linear distribution over the duration of a project activity.  The software application also provides alternatives to linear resource assignment distribution to accommodate those project scenarios where non-linear distribution is necessary.

A resource may be assigned a Lag- the duration from the start of the activity to the point at which the Resource commences work.  For example, if you have an upcoming 10 day activity requiring an engineer present, but the project is split between two engineers… Using Resource Lag & Resource Duration in P6, you will be able to assign Engineer 1 to perform the work on the first 5 days and Engineer 2 to finish up the second 5 days.

Please view the tutorial Using Resource Lag & Resource Duration for a demonstration.



The Original and Remaining lag fields are manually entered when it is known that a resource will not be available or is not needed when the activity starts. By typing in a lag, you delay the start of the resource by that amount of lag.

Original Lag is what was typed in and is used when there is no progress on the activity.

Remaining Lag is what lag is left after the activity has started. Remaining lag is automatically reduced once the activity is started and the Data Date is moved forward.

resource lag


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