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Effective resource management is a big obstacle for many companies and can determine whether a project succeeds or fails. Primavera P6 Professional Project Management is known for its resource management capabilities and can provide multpile ways to manage a project’s resources. Today we are going to discuss a less common way to set up a resource, the New Resource Wizard.

Before the New Resource Wizard can be accessed, the user must enable it. Go to your Edit menu, select User Preferences, access the Assistance tab and click in the box to enable the wizard.

Using the New Resource Wizard

Step 1: After you have enabled the New Resource Wizard, navigate to the Resource window. Select the node or parent for the new resource on the Resource hierarchy and click the Add button on the command bar.  You will enter the Resource ID and name on the first step of the wizard. After you have completed the first step in the Resource Wizard, advance to the next step where the user will choose the type of resource.

Step 2: Specify the type of resource. There are three types of resources to choose from: labor, non-labor, and material

Step 3: Enter the unit price, defaults units per day, and maximum units per day for the new resource

Step 4: Enter the office telephone number and email address

Step 5: Assign Roles to the new resource. Multiple roles can be assigned to a new resource to identify the proficiency of the resource when performing the role, and also to designate the Primary Role for the resource

Step 6: Select the Resource Calendar. The user can can create a new resource calendar or choose from a list of pre configured calendars

Step 7: Identify whether to auto-compute actuals for the resource

Step 8: Enter the neccessary information for the Progress Reporter

Using the New Resource Wizard Tutorial Video