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Primavera P6 Tutorial

When we think of project success, shortcuts do not typically cross our minds- it is a road full of hard work ahead… In today’s tutorial we’re giving you a quick lesson on useful shortcuts, because every now and then, they are worth it!

Learning these simple shortcuts will help you navigate easily through P6 and reduce stress during the project planning process.


Primavera Shortcuts-

File Menu Shortcuts:

New Project-Ctrl+N

Open Project-Ctrl+O

Print Project-Ctrl+P


Refresh- F5


Toolbar Menu Shortcuts:

File Menu- Alt+F

Edit Menu-Alt+E

View Menu- Alt+V

Tools Menu- Alt+T

Help Menu- Alt+H

Edit Menu Shortcuts:

Cut Activity- Ctrl+X

Paste Activity- Ctrl+V

Delete Activity- Del

Find Activity- Ctrl+F

Tools Menu Shortcut:

Schedule Now-F9

Help Menu Shortcut:

Contents and Index-F1