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Welcome back to our training blog! Today we are going to cover the resource assignments window in Primavera P6.

The Resource Assignments window allows you to view and add resource & role assignments to activities in your current projects. Information regarding resource cost and quantity can also be viewed in spreadsheet format.

Here are some quick things to remember about the Resource Assignments window:

  1. The Resource Assignment pane shows a list of the currently opened project’s (or projects) resource assignments and details. The layouts in this pane can be grouped by resource, role, activity, project, cost account as well as many other options. Additionally, users can apply filters and modify the columns.
  2. The Resource Usage spreadsheet illustrates resource usage and cost over time.
  3. The Display options bar selects the timescale interval and can change the values in the Resource Usage spreadsheet.
  4. The Assignment Details window contains the General and Planning tabs
  5. Use the General tab to view and modify assignments
  6. Use the Planning tab to enter units, units/time, and duration


The General tab

The General tab is where you can find all of the information about the assignment, such as the resource and role assignment. This is where you can specify a resource’s rate type. The rate type determines the price per unit used to calculate the cost for the assignment.  A resource can also be assigned as the primary resource in the General tab.

You can also use the General tab to adjust the resource assignment. For example, if a resource is over-allocated, the general tab can be used to replace the resource with an alternative resource.


The Planning tab

The Planning tab is where all the resource information is stored. When a user assigns a resource to activity, each field shows the specific resource information based on: 

  • The activity duration
  • The calendar assigned to the resource
  • Its default units per time


The Planning tab can also be used to adjust a resource’s units, etc for an activity to help manage allocations.

The Resource Assignments Window video below also demonstrates how to view and modify non-linear resource assignments by assigning a resource curve to an activity assignment by adding the resource curve column to the Resource Assignments pane.


Did you find this tutorial useful? If so, you might be ready for a training class. Head over to our Primavera Online training page to find out more about our basic and advanced project management classes. Stay tuned for our next tutorials covering Earned Value Management in P6.