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Primavera P6 Training – Use the filter options


Filtering is a quick and easy way to determine which activities are displayed in a layout.  Filtering enables you to create customized layouts that:

  • Limit the number of activities displayed.
  • Helps focus on a particular group of activities (i.e. critical activities).

Primavera P6 allows you to filter activities in several ways. P6 has a set of pre-defined filters as well as the ability to create user-defined filters of your own.

The filters are divided into the following groupings:

  • Default
    • Available to all users.
    • 15 pre-defined filers.
    • Cannot be deleted or modified.
  • Global
    • Available to all users.
  • User Defined
    • Available to current user for all project which he/she has access.

You may apply one or more filters to a layout at a time.  Additionally, multiple criteria for selection may be used within a single filter.

To help you save additional work and time, filter specifications can be saved and re-applied and filters can also be saved as part of a layout.

The following tutorial video below demonstrates applying filters to activities in a project utilizing both the default filters and user-defined filters.

At MSS, Inc. we offer the technical support and P6 training necessary for successful implementation of the software.  Our standardized Primavera P6 training classes are delivered by MSS Inc.’s certified Primavera software trainers. Our trainers have successfully taught hundreds of users on basic and advanced project management practices in P6. However, we recognize that your training needs may be unique. Please feel free to contact us to create a customized, role-based training curriculum to meet your specific business goals – at your facilities or ours.