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Claim Digger Overview

Today’s blog discusses the features and functionality of the Claim Digger utility in the P6 software application. Claimdigger is actually its own separate product that has been built in to P6. It is an application that compares two project plans, a revised project and a baseline projects, and creates a report on the differences between the project plans including:

  • Items changed
  • Items deleted
  • Changed Values

The main features of Claim Digger include:

  • Multiple reporting formats- HTML, CSV, Text
  • Selects a base project and revised project to compare
  • Report comparison options can be turned on and off as needed


Steps to Access Claim Digger

Step 1: Go to tools menu and open Claim Digger

Step 2: After Claim Digger is launched, the main application window appears

Step 3: Specify which projects you would like to compare.

  • On the left side select the revised project
  • On the right side select the original project baseline

Step 4: Choose a report format

  • HTML file
  • CSV file
  • ASCII text file

Step 5:  Select report type and report path

Step 6:  Click the advanced button to pull up the advanced settings where you can specify what data to compare including: overall project data and activity level data

Note: You can configure what factors to compare including:

  • Costs
  • Units
  • Durations
  • Percent complete
  • Relationships

Step 7:  Click compare to generate the project difference report and view the preview

Step 8:  The project difference report outlines what projects are being compared, the user who initiated, and shows the activities that have had a value change

Step 9: After you have reviewed the data, go to file and close down the Claim Digger dialog box.



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