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Primavera P6 Release 8.2 : Timescaled Logic Diagram

timescaled-logicUnderstanding the status of a project’s schedule is paramount to the success or failure of a project. With that in mind, project controls, planners , schedulers and project managers can all benefit from learning how to use P6 to help them better understand the status of their projects schedule. In this blog tutorial, we are going to discuss how using the Timescaled Logic Diagram (TSLD) can give users an easier way to view their schedule.

The Timescaled Logic Diagrams (TSLDs) are a great set of tools for depicting your project’s schedule in a format that is easier to understand. TSLDs provide a graphic representation of your project’s activities and the logic of the project over time. Primavera P6 software’s Timescaled Logic Diagrams condense the activities displayed in your Gantt Chart into a format that displays the entire schedule and the chain of activities driving the schedule. The TLSDs basically provide a snapshot of the project plan.

How to use the Timescale Logic Diagram

The Timescaled Logic Diagram application is actually a separate application from P6.  In order to use the TSLD you must:

  1. Open the project (s) for which you want to generate the TSLD.
  2. Start the TSLD by accessing the Tools menu.
  3. The Timscaled Logic Diagram workspace opens when you start the TLSD application and the project data is sent from P6 to the TSLD application.

Once the TSLD workspace opens, you can utilize templates to generate the TSLD according to your reporting needs. Templates will include parameters that control the appearance of your TSLD. You can create multiple templates and use them across other projects.

New enhancements to the Timescale Logic Diagram

Primavera P6 Release 8.2 includes many enhancements to the Timescaled Logic Diagram.

These enhancements include:

  • New filtering – filters can be saved with the TSLD templates and additional filters can also be applied within the TSLD to help control the data that is displayed.
  • Sight lines – vertical sight lines can be displayed for each timescale line to provide background lines as visual aids.
  • Activity Code Color Coding – colors can be assigned to activity code values providing additional visual cues when viewing the TSLD. For example, activites can be color coded based upon values for the activity code “Phase” so that they can easily be differentiated when viewing the TSLD.
  • Enhanced Templates – TSLD templates can now be saved to the P6 database and can be shared among users. Templates can be saved as user or global templates and can be imported and exported. This feature allows users to share templates with other users.
  • Enhanced Grouping  – activities can grouped by User Defined Fields as well as WBS Path and activity code groupings.
  • Performance Improvements – TSLD launches faster.


Click here for instructions on utilizing the Timescaled Logic Diagram


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