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Step 1: Open the Activities and WBS windows by clicking on their respective buttons on the Directory Bar

Step 1a: You will notice that both windows will be displayed as tabs and you can click on the tab to display that particular window.

Step 1b: The name of the currently displayed tab appears in the active tab title bar.

Step 1c: The image below displays both the WBS and Activities tabs and the currently active tab is the WBS.

Step 1d: The yellow arrow is pointing to the active tab title bar (ie. WBS).

Step 2: To switch from one tab to the other, just click on the tab.

Step 2a: The image below depicts that the Activities window is the currently active tab.

Step 3: To tile the tabs Vertically, go to the “View” menu, select Tab Groups, select New Vertical Tab Group.

Step 4: The workspace will be divided into right and left sections or tiles.

Step 4A: The currently active tab, which in our example is the Activities tab, will display on the right portion of the workspace.

STEP 4B: You can drag the vertical splitter bar to increase or decrease the size of the left and right tab groups.

Step 5: To remove the tiles, go back to the View Menu, select Tab Groups, select Merge All Tab Groups.


Step 6: After merging the tab groups, your workspace will revert back to displaying one active tab at a time.


Step 6a: In our example below, the active tab is the Activities tab.

Step 6b: To view the other tab (WBS) click the back arrow as depicted below with the yellow arrow.

Step 7: The image below displays both tabs, with the Activities tab as the currently active tab.


Step 7a: Our next example will discuss Horizontal tiling.

Step 8: Let’s assume that we would like to display the WBS tab on the bottom of the workspace and the Activities tab on the top.


Step 8a: Click on the WBS tab to make it the currently active tab.

Step 9: Go to the View menu, select Tab Groups, select New Horizontal Tab Group.


Step 9a: You could also click and drag the currently active tab title bar to the bottom of the screen and release or drop it when you see the formation of a rectangular outline.

Step 10: The image below displays the Horizontal Tiling.


Step 10a: The WBS tab is on the bottom because it was the currently active tab when the New Horizontal Tab Group was selected./p>

Step 10b: You can drag the horizontal splitter bar to increase or decrease the size of the top and bottom tab groups.

Step 11: To remove the tab groupings and display all open tabs in one tab group, select the View menu, Tab Groups, Merge All Tab Groups.


Step 12: The image below reflects the tabs after removing the tiling.