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Primavera P6 Professional Project Management – Not Just For the “Big Guys”

Going Professional With Primavera P6 Project Management

You’re running a smaller project-intensive business and as a forward-thinking manager, you worry that the controls your company currently have in place are not going to give you a good global picture of the health of your organization during your projects’ collective lifecycles.  You are considering investing in EPPM software but are hesitant due to the front-end expense and complexity of implementation.

  • Oracle’s Primavera P6 Professional Project Management offers the solution by providing robust project management capabilities every manager needs to help deliver their projects on schedule and within budget.
  • An investment in P6 PPM allows for continuous monitoring of your organization’s health and can alert your organization to the crippling trend of profit margin “bleeding”.
  • Trends in project status are provided on a global or project-by-project basis saving the all too well known “surprises” to management that can come at the end of a project affecting both profit margin and accounting reconciliation.
  • i.e., for bonding purposes in a construction environment, a company’s steady accounting health can weigh heavily in bonding capacities and rates.  Large fluctuations in profitability projections are considered to be high risk and therefore not desirable, costing your company unnecessary money.

At MSS, Inc. we offer the technical support and Primavera P6 training necessary for successful implementation of Primavera in your organization.  We have the expertise and experience that makes bringing your small business into an EPPM structure economical and with little disruption to your current operations.  Our turnkey level consulting provides the necessary software and training classes that can be customized to your particular business needs.

In summary, we can offer the same project risk mitigation capabilities to smaller businesses without “breaking the bank”.  An up-front investment into the world of EPPM will save your company tangible dollars in the long run, which is what being a successful small business is all about.

If you are a smaller business that is interested in P6 Project Management, use the form on the left to contact us. We will provide you with a free software consultation and demo.