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Primavera P6 Tutorial

primavera p6

Primavera P6 Activity Usage Profile Overview

Primavera P6 provides many tools enabling you to effectively analyze and manage your projects. ThisPrimavera Tutorial demonstrates the Activity Usage Profile for displaying cost or unit information for activities in your opened projects over time according to the timescale that you specify.

The Activity Usage Profile displays:

  • labor resources
  • non-labor resources
  • materials
  • expense costs
  • labor and non-labor units


This information is allocated to the project’s activities over time based upon your selected timescale. The costs and units allocated to activities for each period in your timescale are displayed as vertical bars. You can also display curves representing cumulative costs or units over time.

Navigating the Activity Usage Profile

The Activity Usage Profile helps you to investigate costs and units associated with projects.  For example, the Activity Usage Profile will display actual labor costs incurred for each period on the timescale.  You can use the profile to identify which activities on your schedule contributed to those actual costs during that time-period.  You can also select specific activities to identify the costs and units associated with those items.  The profile is particularly useful when analyzing remaining or future work to be performed as you can quickly identify if/when activities might deviate from the baseline or budget so that you can take corrective action.

The Primavera P6 Activity Usage Profile can be customized (see Activity Usage Profile Options below) to include:

  • Baseline
  • Budgeted
  • Actual
  • Remaining Early
  • Remaining Late Units and Cost



Earned Value Curves such as Planned Value, Earned Value, and Estimate at Completion can also be displayed.  Filters can be applied to the Activity Usage Profile enabling users to focus on selected activities or specific time-periods facilitating better analysis and management of your projects.

Users can also change the timescale, customize the bars and profile background, and save the changes to the profile as part of a standard layout enabling other users to utilize the layout across their projects.

The Primavera P6 Training Tutorial below demonstrates the Activity Usage Profile including the various display options.