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Primavera Contractor gets your project done FASTER!

Primavera Contractor Overview

PrimaveraContractor_lgIt is true that Primavera Contractor was built to get you planning and scheduling immediately – right out of the box. With easy and intuitive navigation, you will begin planning and controlling your project faster, add activities quickly and easily, drag and drop activity bars to add constraints or modify your plan.

This scheduling software tool helps you plan for the upcoming day, week or month with “look ahead” functionality. By planning activities and linking them to resources, you can be sure you have all of the resources you need at precisely the right moment. Easily coordinate labor, material, equipment and subcontractors to ensure on-schedule, on-budget completion. With Contractor, you’ll always know what you have completed and what will happen next, for quick and easy communication.


  • Project spotlight feature for view into upcoming tasks and resources
  • Baseline management to manage changes and adjust schedules
  • Customizable Gantt and PERT charts and user-friendly report wizards
  • Embedded Claim Digger technology for monthly schedule comparisons


  • Better forecast and manage with easy-to-understand views of cost and resource relationships
  • Easily exchange and coordinate schedules via send project feature and import/export feature
  • Improved scheduling and communication of project status

Primavera Contractor allows you to clearly define team accountability by assigning activities to each contractor. Compare your time-based budget to actual costs and work performed while maintaining independent estimates of cost to complete. Baselines let you keep track of “what happened” and “what changed” every step of the way. Create unlimited “what-if?” scenarios to explore alternatives. Best of all, Contractor automatically compares schedules from one month to the next with its unique Claim DiggerTM technology. This is one of many benefits of Primavera project management.

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