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Primavera Contract Manager Best Practices


Primavera Contract Manager helps you to complete projects on schedule and within budget. Oracle’s Primavera Contract Management is a document management, job cost, and project control solution that increases the efficiency and speed of project management while helping you to reduce schedule delays and risk.  See videos below to review our Contract Manager training tutorials.

Change Management is one of the most challenging processes associated with successfully managing a project.  Procedures for tracking, documenting, negotiating, getting paid, and making payments for changes must be communicated to all project team participants.

Managing project changes involves notifying and coordinating project team members as well as controlling costs and schedule delays for the project. Primavera Contract Manager enables you to monitor and control each phase of the change management process – from the estimate phase to final approval – for both the budgeted and committed costs. Primavera Contract Management’s functionality allows you to create customized workflows to accommodate the needs of each project.

Contract Management provides a better way to track the change process, gather supporting documentation, and analyze the financial and schedule implications a change may have at any stage in the change process.

Contract Manager Tutorial: Configure Change Management Workflow Settings


Contract Manager Tutorial: Change Management Process


Do you need training and do not have time or budget to attend classroom based training? MSS Inc. now offers a self-paced online video training courses for both beginning and advanced P6 users. The course is 17 lessons and includes 74 training videos. Visit our Project Management Training section for more information.