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Primavera Contract Manager Overview

If someone were to ask about MSS Inc. as a whole, I would say that I believe we are leaders in the project management field.  When breaking down what it means to actually “lead,” Henry Miller said it best- “The real leader has no need to lead, he is content to point the way.”  Simply put, that is really all we are doing! With Primavera Contract Manager, you are able to do exactly the same with your upcoming construction project.

As construction projects have become increasingly complex, architecture, engineering and construction project managers are facing more difficult challenges. Projects have more subcontractors, issues, owner requirements, possible liquidated damages and other potential problems. Many general contracting firms are still rebuilding backlog from the lean years and operating at record-thin margins. Given the financial impact of changes to plans or schedules, construction projects today simply don’t have any room for error. Primavera Contract Manager offers the first and only integrated solution for construction that handles projects, contracts, changes and much more. This integrated, scalable solution links people, teams and projects. You can now control every aspect of a project’s lifecycle, from the planning stages to the final deadline. And since Contract Manager is role-based, it gives everyone exactly the functionality they need to fit their individual jobs. With Contract Manager, you can ensure that everyone, employees and subcontractors, works toward the same goals: the success of the project.

Primavera Contract Manager Uses

Submittals- Track all submittals and identify who is responsible, when each is due and if multiple reviewers are required. Use flexible workflow to create, share and review submittals.

Submittal Package- Group submittals into packages to handle complex assemblies. Record comments at each review cycle and review dates and status updates in one comprehensive screen.

Submittal Log- Track detailed information on status and responsibility, such as vendor, dates, status, package and more.

Graphical Submittal View- Simplify the process of managing submittals with an easy-to-view schedule. Quickly identify critical submittal activities behind schedule.

Ball-in-Court (BIC)- Keep track of who is responsible for what.

Multiple Review Cycles- Create a flexible workflow to establish multiple review cycles and multiple reviewers. Capture comments and status every step of the way.

Transmittals- Save time and effort in document preparations by automatically creating transmittal letters to accompany shop drawing or other enclosures sent to appropriate parties for review.

Drawing Log- Maintain and identify drawings, specifications and other supporting documentation.

Drawing Sets- Create drawing sets to document drawing revisions from the design review process, bid packages, drawing distribution and as-builts. Record ball-in-court (BIC), progress, phase and priority.

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