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Step 1: Setup Activity Codes and assign colors to each value.

Step 1a: Go to Enterprise menu & select Activity Codes.

Step 2: Assign activity codes to your activities.

Step 2a: The example below illustrates one method, which is to use the Codes tab in activity details.

Step 3: Go to Tools and select Timescaled Logic Diagram.

Step 4: Select the desired TSLD template and click the edit icon.

Step 5: Use the Timescale tab to establish the time frame and date format.

Step 6: On the Bar Format, check the box to ‘’Color bars by activity code value’’

Step 6a: Select the activity code that you want to use on the timeline.

Step 6b: “Responsibility” is the activity code selected in the image below.

Step 7: Use the Bar Content to customize the information contained in the bars.

Step 8: Use the Lines tab to customize the appearance of the relationship and data date lines.

Step 9: The image below reflects that the TSLD will be grouped by “Responsibility” and the font was changed to a size of 20.

Step 10: Use the filter tab if you want to focus on a specific set of activities (such as Critical).

Step 11: The Page Setup tab can be used customize page options and include Main Title and Subtitles on the TSLD.

Step 12: The TSLD below is grouped by “Responsibility” and the activity bars are color coded based upon the colors assigned to each value.

Step 12a: Activities assigned to George Green are green.

Step 12b: Activities assigned to Ken Lang are cyan.

Step 12c: Linda Haris’s activity bars are magenta.