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How to Track Income, Cost, and Net Income with Asta Powerproject

How effectively could you manage projects if you had the ability to forecast revenue, costs, and net income/cash flow within one project plan, as well as across all projects? This is not easy (practically impossible) if you are using Oracle Primavera P6. Asta Powerproject provides this functionality out of the box.

With Asta Powerproject you can:

1.) assign permanent and consumable resources as well direct costs to your activities

2.) associate both cost and revenue rates to these assignments

3.) utilize the robust histograms and reports to display revenue/cost/net income over the duration of your project

In other words, you can forecast net income/cash flow to help you effectively manage your project and resources.

Step 1. Assign Resources and Costs

The image below depicts the assignment of “Bricklayers” and “Carpenters” to the Exterior Finishes phase of a project.  The resources can be assigned by typing the number of resources required directly on the activity table and/or by using the “Drag and Drop” functionality available in Asta Powerproject. The corresponding resource histogram indicates that both resources are over-allocated.  These histograms are easily customized to support your resource management efforts.


Step 2. Analyze Costs, Revenue. Net Income/Cash Flow

Resources and direct costs can have both cost and revenue rates assigned to them. The image below displays the costs, income, and net income on the activity table/spreadsheet associated with the resource assignments illustrated in Step 1.  Notice that Costs, Income, Net Income/Cash Flow roll up from the detailed resource/cost assignment to the activity level, Work Breakdown Structure, and overall Project Total allowing you to view and forecast at every level of the project.  In addition to viewing information on the activity table/spreadsheet, you can create and view histograms to quickly provide a graphical depiction of costs, revenue and net income.

The image below displays three histograms reflecting the costs, revenue, and net income, making it very easy to communicate information to both internal and external project stakeholders.  These histograms can be easily created or modified to meet your reporting requirements. This histogram reflect costs, revenue, and net income for the overall project and can be easily modified to display information for one resource, a crew of resources, or any combination of resources and direct cost assignments.  This feature enables project stakeholders to quickly view the resources, activities, projects that are most profitable.

Asta Powerproject is a powerful, affordable, easy to use option to Oracle Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project.  Please view our recent Asta Powerproject Webinar Recording to learn more about using Asta Powerproject for effective project management.