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5 Reasons Primavera Is The Best Project Management Software

Manage your projects with better with Primavera Software

Everyone in project intensive industries know that Primavera software is the standard for effective project portfolio management. However, do you know how it can help your organization manage its project portfolio more effectively? In this blog post, we will discuss 5 ways that P6 will help your organization streamline it’s project management, reduce project costs and increase revenue.

1. Choose the right strategic mix of project portfolios

Lets face it, project managers and project controls professionals have tough jobs. They have to decide if it worth it for an organization to include a project in it’s project portfolio. How can Primavera software help them make that choice? Easy. It comes fully equipped with a portfolio management module that prioritizes and assess the strengths and weaknesses of a project portfolio. Factors such as risk, ROI and resource management capabilities are all given to you in an easy to read graphic that helps you assemble the right mix of project portfolios.

2. Plan and Schedule Complex Projects

There are projects out there that require more than just your standard scheduling program. This is where P6 software comes in to play. Some organizations manage thousands of projects at once and each project could have thousands of activities and unique requirements. That is a complex schedule! EPPM software helps organizations effectively plan and schedule projects with tools such as critical path scheduling and analysis, resource leveling, capacity planning, baseline analysis, and easy to read views of the work breakdown structure (WBS). All of these features are key to managing multiple complex projects.

3. Resource management

I can think of two words that will scare executives, project managers and project controls professionals. Liquidated Damages. If your project is running behind schedule and does not finish on time, chances are that you are going to have to pay a hefty fee. One of the main reasons that projects do not finish on time is poor resource management. You have to have the resources available to complete the job. P6 EPPM software has a whole module dedicated to resource management. This module includes the ability to level resources and assign resources to activities. Providing the user with access to resource information will help them maximizing the use of a limited pool of resources to help facilitate the completion of projects on time and within budget.

4. Organization wide collaboration and communication

One of the main factors that drives project success is effective communication among project stakeholders, managers and workers. Primavera software promotoes organization wide collaboration by improving decision-making at the highest level, streamlining project coordination and helping team members be more efficient. P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio management helps facilitate communicate from the top down making sure that all project team members have access to the most current project information and schedules, which will help eliminate the communication errors that cause project delays.

5. Reporting and Analytics

P6 Enterprise PPM’s analytics and reporting features sets itself above other project management tools. It is able to report and analyze multiple project portfolios at once giving project stakeholders a bird’s eye view of the status of their projects. Understanding the status and analytics of a project is important because it enables an organization to discover exactly where the issues are that are negatively impacting a project, the data and indicators needed to overcome the issue, and the results of the solution to the issue. The project reporting and analytics are all rolled up into a customizable dashboard that lets the user view all of the important information in one spot.

How can MSS Inc. help your organization?

Primavera software is the most effective tool for managing multiple project portfolios and ensuring that they are completed on time and within budget. Are you trying to decide whether to use P6 to manage your organization’s projects? Contact MSS Inc. for a FREE software consulation and we will help you decide whether Enterprise Project Portfolio Management software is right for your company, work with stakeholders to create and implement a scalable solution based on the needs of your organization, and train your staff to be fully competent on the functionality of the software!