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When scheduling multiple projects for any project-driven business, sometimes a global or project-level picture of health does not tell the whole story.  Consider you project portfolio one that can be assembled multiple ways leading to varying interpretations depending on how you approach the assembly process.

Assigning Project Codes can offer a more structured silo of information for assessment, grouping like focuses in projects so comparisons can be made effectively.  Extemporaneous information can be filtered out so a clearer picture can be made of how your projects of like commonalities are performing as a group.

  1. Project Codes can offer a significant way of organizing information so management can spot trouble areas within a region, work area, business division, etc.
  2. Project Codes are assigned to projects at management’s discretion, allowing projects to be organized and grouped in unlimited configurations.
  3. Once Project Codes are assigned, projects are then filtered and grouped by their codes to include only those criteria that are of interest.
  4. Management then has the ability to drill down within the project grouping to identify areas of concern (i.e. a specific company industry has severely reduced float in their delivery times).
  5. Management then has the opportunity to proactively identify the root cause of the specific issue and make necessary corrections.
  6. Potentially lost revenue and damage to customer relationships are averted.


Assigning Project Codes to your projects is a simple process that can become a valuable tool for management.

Below is a short tutorial on how to assign Project Codes and filter projects by these codes.

In short, assigning Project Codes can assemble your project data to allow the puzzle to fit together properly.

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