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Primavera P6 Training Benefits


Welcome back to our Primavera P6 training blog. Today we are going to outline five benefits of learning P6Primavera software is one of the most well known tools in the project management profession. It is the industry standard PPM software for the construction, energy, IT, and manufacturing industries.

Using P6 right out of the box, with no training, can be difficult at best. Many seasoned professionals still do not grasp it to its fullest capabilities. Learning this software suite can take years, unless you have some formal training to help speed up the process! Here are five benefits of taking a Primavera P6 project management class.

1. Learn best project management practices

In order to help users learn Primavera P6 EPPM effectively, Oracle University has designed and set up a course methodology for basic and advanced project management. The standard training course methodology leads you through the process of setting up a project from the ground up to completion in P6 Enterprise PPM software. Many project management “best practices” will be covered. For example, 

  • Creating a project structure
  • Scheduling
  • Resource Management


2. Taught by certified instructors

Oracle certified trainers have gone through rigorous training so they are able to teach P6 effectively in a small group setting. Signing up for a class with a certified trainer will ensure that you receive the best training in project management techiques using P6.

3. Receive a training manual and a certificate of completion from Oracle University

No class should be taken without a textbook. The Oracle Unviersity training manual covers all of the material that will be focused on in the course. Having a textbook available is critical to reinforcing the materials learned in the class. It is also useful to reference later on down the line when you are working on a project and have forgettn how to perform one of the steps you have learned.

4. Extensive hands on workshop for lessons learned

Hands on learning is a very important part of the overall learning process. In a Primavera Online training class, attendees will be able to use the software and complete exercises from the training manual under the supervision and guidance of a certified trainer. In these exercises, participants will be given a set of instructions and data that will have to be input into the software. These exercises are based on real world examples and reflect actual scenarios seen in most projects.


5. Earn PDUs to maintain your PMP certification

Users can attend training courses and earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) to maintain their PMP credential. Each day of classroom training qualifies the participant for 6.5 PDUs. In order to maintain a PMP credential, a person must complete 60 PDUs in a three year cycle. So if you decide to attend the basic and advanced project management classes in P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management software, you could earn 32.5 PDUs!

In a nutshell taking some form of training class about Primavera P6 is not a bad idea. In fact, you can avoid a lot of frustration and costly mistakes with a better understanding of the software and how to manipulate for your project mangement goals.